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Why I rather choose to commemorate Dec 9 and to proudly celebrate Charlotte Osei

Quite a number of people especially our friends in the NPP chose to commemorate December 7, since that was the day we voted in last year's national election. A commemoration which is a novelty under the 25-year-old fourth republic - Ghana's longest…

RE: A memo to Akufo-Addo and his irresponsible ministers

I was saddened by the farcical verbosity of the article by Manasseh Azure ranting along about the President and his Ministers.

From Mahama pads to vindicated birthday present - A cry for principled politics

Sundays are always glorious opportunities to reflect on the graciousness of our Maker and on developments in our dear country.

The needless debate about homosexuality in Africa

Once again, Ghana has been side-tracked into a needless debate about homosexuality. The President of Ghana was asked about gays and stated that he felt the time was not ripe for consideration of…

MANASSEH'S FOLDER: A love letter to Ebony

Dear Ebony, Our wise elders once said the rat which makes its abode by the popular village path is either extremely courageous or a speedster. In the same way, it takes more than courage for a…

Nobody dies a natural death in Ghana; it's always death by Juju or witchcraft

In Ghana, the understanding among the majority of the people irrespective of their higher educational background, intelligence, wisdom or total illiteracy, is that any death is caused by juju or…

Peter Adattor writes: Mugabe is NOT Zimbabwe’s 1st President

A surprise twist in Zimbabwe forced Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe to resign as president.

Why do the worrywarts NDC operatives keep playing with Ghanaians' emotions?

It would appear that the NDC’s humiliating 2016 election defeat has really unsettled the nerves of the party loyalists, judging from their recent weird posturing.

The untimely demise of humorous KABA and the unbeknownst idiosyncratic prophesies

I could not believe my eyes when KABA once took time off from his extremely busy schedule and humbly replied to my message, after complaining that he had deliberately refused to read my messages.

Kumasi Academy to Celebrate 60 Years of Holistic Baptist Education

Deep in the heart of Ashanti Region is a serene space cultivating students since 1957. Equipped with one of the best science laboratories in the country [in that era] and a flourishing greenery,…

Why must NDC expect meat on the rotten bones so soon?

If we revisit memory lane, it was Ex-President Mahama who knowingly claimed that they, (NDC government) had licentiously consumed all the meat on the bone.

People for Sale: African men auctioned as slaves for $400 in Libya

"Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800.

MANASSEH'S FOLDER: Akufo-Addo's immoral dance with Jospong

Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

Messrs, on what credible achievements are you staging a comeback?

It was not out of the ordinary, when the ten Regional NDC Chairmen blithesomely convened at the Cantonments office of Ex-president Mahama, and blissfully issued a statement which sought to beseech…

Major Mahama Bill; good idea gone bad

We sometimes take for granted the services of our security personnel who work around the clock to keep us safe. It is therefore important to occasionally take time to express our gratitude for their…

If only our Bawumia worked more and talked less

We heard it all on the campaign trail. The Mahama led NDC government was incompetent and corrupt. We were told the ruling NDC functionaries did not read and therefore clueless! We listened with rapt…


Lately, we have all been witnesses to horrifying spectacles of victims of explosions involving petroleum products in some fuel stations and domestic places in different parts of the country.

Kenya Elections: End Of Raila Odinga’s Political Career, And Odingaism?

Raila Odinga will not run again for president unless the Supreme Court demands a presidential election re-run.
business numbers

Know your business numbers

Is money leaking from your business without your knowing?

Africans who boycott polls often fade away

Did NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga commit a political hara-kiri with his decision to boycott the October 26 re-run? The NASA leader may have, as the Japanese say, disembowelled himself…